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Come on out!!!

There is a little bit of a route change this month due to the craft fair but it gives us about another half mile on our ride, which is a good thing. Here is the map if you wanna take a look.

The Wolfpack hustle

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WHAT A RACE!!!! The Wolfpack is no joke.


FAST FRIDAY – on hold

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So Matt and I have decided to put the FAST FRIDAY ride on hold for now… I should be able to ride again starting mid-April and we will resume the FAST FRIDAY rides when I am able to start riding again.  Just to let you know as soon as I get off my meds we will be doing a crit race called ” The come back kid” so be looking out for info on that.


Get off your GASS

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This friday is the first of many “Get off your gass” rides. A bunch of thought and a lot of groups are backin’ this. It should be a great time to come out and ride your bike!

To ride fixed or not to ride fixed…

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If you are new to cycling or have been doing it for many moons, and looking into purchasing a new bike you may find yourself staring at an array of different styles of bikes. Mountain, road, cruiser, and if you go to the right store you’ll see one with no brakes and begin to wonder. At first glance you might think a fixed gear bike with no brakes would seem kind of dangerous, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it’ll be a breeze.

Just ask this guy here, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind not having any brake levers on his bicycle!


Thirsty Thursday

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It’s Thirsty Thursday today and I thought I would share this with you all. Ever go to the corner store and buy a six pack and have to awkwardly carry it home on your bike? Or, maybe you want to show up to “Fast Friday” tomorrow with your six pack in style? Check out this awesome 6 pack holder! Not too expensive… you can find some online for as low as $22 or head over to Orlando and check out Ace Metric Shop… Enjoy!!!



How to keep people from trying to run you off the road.

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